5 Benefits for Re-Selling e-Books Online

Since you are reading thins, you’ve probably been thinking – are there any benefits from reselling and selling ebooks online? A lot of people would suggest that it’s not, however, if you plan your online business the right way – you can make a lot of profit.

Re selling ebooks online is pretty much doing the same function that publishing agencies provide, selling books for the authors.

So, what are the benefits we are talking about?

Your Own Personal Platform

If you want to thrive in this online business and sell, or resell, ebooks for profit – then it would be best to build your own web platform for the purpose. Controlling the whole process is the #1 benefit of enjoying this online business model, as if you’d be paying fees and commissions on other websites it would be a huge drawback.

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No Investment

Since you are re-selling e-books, you have no investment or perhaps small fixed costs. This online business can be run via automation systems without your control, so once you research and find valuable eBooks for re-sell online – you are all set!

No Inventory

Setting up an automated system that delivers digital goods i.e eBooks is easy! With today’s internet technology and tools, you can store as many e-books as you want on various servers that will gladly host them for a small fee. Once your buyers purchase the ebook, they will get a downloadable link that can be accessed from various devices.

Online Business Possibilities

Once you setup a platform for selling ebooks (or re-selling) you can take your online business to the next level. Obviously, in order to resell the ebooks online you’d need to hold copyrights of each ebook. So there are two ways to tackle this issue down:

  • Buying re-sell rights from the authors or simply inviting them to pass the rights to you in exchange for promotion of their ebook without them getting a piece of the sales.
  • Find authors that will partner with you and suggest that you’d publish their eBooks and get commission from every sale you make.

Online Shop with Affiliate Network

If you are really into re selling ebooks online, you must consider making a modern storefront and front-end design for a website that converts visitors in buyers. The benefit here is running simple marketing campaigns as well as discounts and promotions to boost the sales. Connecting your online shop or platform with an affiliate network is definitely going to scale your sales – just as Clickbank did. That way you will have an arsenal of hungry marketers that will promote and sell your eBooks online for a good commission of the profit.