7 Steps to Complete Automation for Selling eBooks on Your Website in 2017

If you are a writer or blogger you’d already know that creating valuable content for blogs or eBook is a long and time-consuming process. In this article, we will simplify the process of creating and selling eBooks online in 7 simple steps.

  1. Create an e-Book online

Starting from scratch is a challenge and adventure, but if you know what your audience needs – you have the job done by 50%.

Once you do your research and decide what topic or niche you are going to target, writing will kickoff and you can start spilling your knowledge for your readers.

Think of a great and eye catching title. It needs to draw attention when you’d be promoting your eBook online. Once you have that taken care of, start writing the body and provide value. Your potential buyers will purchase your goods and in return they want to gain knowledge.

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  1. Styling and Layouts.

In order to keep your eBook readable and keep the readers interested – you must provide visual content. Whether that be stock images or custom designed shapes and illustrations that explain the written content, make it interesting.

Today minimalist designs rule the graphic world. Keep the designs minimum to keep it fun, but still have the reader focused on the content and value.

  1. Editorial Checkup for the eBook

Proofread everything. Or even better, hire a professional proofreader to provide you with an editorial version of your eBook. This will process eBook sales much more than having something that looks amateur. Once you have the eBook written, get a few days off and then go through it again so you can be objective when you find the mistakes and what doesn’t make sense.

  1. Eye-catching Cover Design

 Never judge a book by its cover. Do you really believe that? While the eBook cover can completely mistreat the content in the eBook you are about to sell online, it has a significant value to the whole process. If you set your eBook on your website – it needs to draw attention!

  1. Various eBook Formats

Make the eBook approachable and usable for as many formats as possible. While the internet default is PDF Adobe, a great portion of readers enjoy reading eBooks that are .Mobi format or ePub. Having all formats covered will bump your possibilities to sell the eBook online to more users than having only one format.

  1. eBook Promotion

In order to start getting sales for your online eBook, you must get exposure and find visitors for your website first. There are various ways for promoting an eBook nowadays. Most of the website owners setup an affiliate network or rely on advertising for promotion.

  1. Analyze the process

Once your eBook sales are up and running online, keep track of everything you do and the results you are achieving. You will find many handy indicators that will help you point your strategy to the right direction.

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